A New People's Democratic Federation

Establishing a consensus among the oppressed nations of the Himalaya to form

 a peaceful united struggle against oppression, occupation and for freedom 

of our lands

National People's Democratic Revolution

Peacefully conducting both 

National Democratic and People's Democratic 

revolutions simultaneously.

Class Solidarity is the key to uninterrupted Victory

Class solidarity is our strategy to

 unite all oppressed people

among the occupied Himalayan nations. Say no to religious communalism.

Real Democracy

All federating units of the Union of the People's Republic of Himalaya will 

elect their own heads of states.

Our land, Our Rule

 All federating units comprising the

 Union of the People's Democratic Republics of Himalaya will have their 

own parliaments.

Complete Self-Determination

After gaining independence free states of Himalaya will be invited to form 

Union of the People's Democratic Republics of Himalaya. 

All states included in the Federation will have complete control of their natural resources.